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Home to some of the most talented hair stylists Miami has to offer. With services ranging from women’s and men’s haircuts to the latest coloring and conditioning treatments, we work hard to achieve your desired look.


The talented and experienced artists at La Frange Hair Studio have worked in Miami hair salons for years, so we know the style of the community. We know what our clients like, and we know what they’re missing. We also speak a total of three languages (English, Spanish, and Arabic), so as to better serve our clients.


If you’re ready for a new hairstyle that reflects who you are inside, then call La Frange Hair Studio to make an appointment with a Miami hair artist today. 



Our passion for hair styling drives everything we do at La Frange Hair Studio. We do what we do because we love to  because when you’re passionate, it shows in your work.


Because we are artists first, and not salespeople, we take our time with each client we see. We have all the patience in the world when it comes to achieving the best results for your hair.


At La Frange Hair Studio, we use only the highest quality products from trusted professional hair care brands, so you can feel confident that your hair is in excellent hands.





"Amazing experience! Words can't describe the change he made on my hair not only the color but the quality of my hair. Highly recommend!"


"I’ve always been obsessed and extremely careful with my hair and the care that it needs to look beautiful and healthy. Thank you Abood for caring and looking out for what’s best for my hair. You’re a true professional and an amazing hair colorist/stylist."


"I had an amazing time in this place. I was well taken care and results where fantastic. I loved my hair cut and balayage. Habibi is the best of the best."


Monday - Saturday: 10am to 8pm 

Sunday: Closed

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Phone: (786) 972-7786